In Vino Veritas – Rapper Vino Tells The Truth

vinoRapper Vino is telling his story in every track he lays down, and it’s a compelling story. He’s young, he’s motivated, and he tells us who he is and what he’s about in his music. Yes, he’s cocky and brash, but he’s very talented and worth listening to.

In “Don’t Forget to Remember,” Vino raps with an excellent sense of lyrical relationships and timing. It’s a look back at the people in the past and what’s in store for the future. He raps with a mesmerizing vocal tone that’s interesting and hypnotic.

Movie Life” by Ahama Legend featuring Vino is another creative rap about getting back on the path after some minor missteps in life. This rap tells us that it’s all about God, family, music and money.

Prestigious” is an interesting bullet-fast rap, “I’m like the military, Death Before Dishonor.”

I really enjoyed his songs, they are painfully honest yet full of bravado and commitment to success. He’s definitely a rising young star.

All in all, Vino takes rap themes like women, money, family, success, and weaves his lyrics into a blend of mayhem, painful honesty, swagger and style.

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