Sublyminal Message – Sublyminal’s New Brand of Hip Hop

sub2There’s a new rap artist on the scene. Meet Sublyminal, who is taking rap/hip hop to a completely different level.

How does he do this? First, his lyrics are interesting and catchy. He also takes unique off-the-wall musical choices and blends his lyrics and tracks together in a completely new way.

I’ve heard artists who shout, and artists who sing. Sublyminal takes the two and combines them into an oddball mix of well-written & musically catchy hip hop tracks.

In “I Am Hip Hop,”backed by Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” Sublyminal raps about his love of hip hop and how much he respects it.

In “Every City” (listen for the “oo-ee-oohs”) he raps about showing up in a city near you and the grind of performing, “Catch me asleep bro? Best wake me up.”

In “Inspiration” a track with an emo-pop intro and a jarring tempo, he shares what inspires him and what led him to perform. It’s an ode to what drives him and motivates him, but it’s amazingly lyrical, even with the odd timing.

sub1From the Hood to Hollywood” is a great melodic track full of smooth harmonies and the story of his journey from the hood.

Each song is excellent, and I highly recommend you take the time to listen to his tracks. All in all, he gives hip hop a new twist; he combines articulate intelligent lyrics with excellent track choices, and it has a very unique sound. It’s as if he took a bit of rap, a lot of hip hop, some dance music and created a new offshoot of all.






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