The Real Big P – Reality Check From the Heart

The Real Big P has some great things going for him. He’s smart, he’s lyrically talented, and he writes honestly about his own life. Good rap music should tell a story, and I always like it when I hear rap that’s about personal experiences.

Big P is young but he’s been through a lot in his young life, and he brings these experiences, good or bad, into his music honestly and candidly.  From Macon, MS, he has been writing and creating his own music since the sixth grade. His bio states he started recording in the 9th grade. In his own words, ” im the type that chose not to get so deep into punch lines and metaphors. My music is based on facts, things i have been through, may go through, and plan to go through.”

He writes about all these things in a very direct and emotional way. He doesn’t sugarcoat his life, and tells the truth about all the mistakes he’s made.

His song “Letter to my Girls” is a very moving and heartfelt ode to his daughters, born to parents who were too young. “Wat About Me” is a very moving song about his struggle to make it in the music business and about fighting stereotypes of rap artists. “Will I Go To Heaven” is a  heart-wrenching look at his own soul, the mistakes he’s made and what will happen to him in the hereafter. “Growin Up” is a musically earnest song about growing up poor and having to help support his family.

This sensitive young man brings a clearheaded view of life to his music. He’s made mistakes, he’s struggled, he sees that he needs to get serious about his music and at 19, he is trying to do better and be better. He unashamedly sheds tears, both in his music and in real life; it’s a part of who he is.

I think we all can relate to some of the emotions he expresses in his music, and we should; he’s learned a lot from his own mistakes and has put all that raw, real emotion into his music. It’s a very entertaining catalog of songs that treat us to a profound look at life and raises us up in his quest to be a better person, father and musician.

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