Emily Yasko Breaks New Ground for Female Rap Artists

If you saw Emily Yasko on the street, you’d think, “Aw, what a cute girl!” White, fresh-faced, cute as a button, Emily sends out a very normal vibe. But wait til you hear her rap.

Emily Yasko is a female rap artist. Yes, rap. As in gangstas, gold teeth and gold chains. Except that Emily (who goes by “Yasko”) doesn’t have gold teeth or gold chains. What she does have is a raw unadulterated talent that can compete with any male rap artist. And she can actually sing.

In her YouTube videos, which seem to be very autobiographical, she tells the story of trying to reach for better things and better places.

In “Small Town Girl” she raps about the constrictions of life in a small town and the desperate desire to get out and find  what’s waiting for her.

Almost There” is a song to a mother who is struggling in life. She tells her mom, “things will be all right…I’m going to make things better.”

Hang It Up” talks about how she has to keep to the grind and focus on her music, since she wasn’t doing to well in Catholic school. Note: Nuns and priests, you probably want to avoid this track!

She Said” is a clever satire on boys and parties. Check out the “news” intro too!

Her lyrics are personal and very raw. It’s a glimpse into the heart and mind, and the struggles she has gone through. Where she is so different than most female rap artists is in her choice of lyrics. The topics, family, school money, drugs, life struggles, are similar to a lot of rap artists today, male or female. But Yasko brings a different sensibility to her lyrics.

She is innately intelligent and her choice of words show it. She brings a wit and polish to her songs which might just be a result of her Catholic school education, but she tempers it with gritty realistic phrasing and wordplay.

Do yourself a favor and check out Emily Yasko. You may just have some of your female rap artist stereotypes broken.

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