R.I.P. Slim Dunkin

“U gotta invest in yaself!!! Don’t wait on no one!!!”
Were the last words he tweeted on the day he was done.
He believed in himself and spoke of it too,
Spoke of a bright future, one he planned to go to.

But he didn’t make it, in spite of his dreams.
He was cut down too young by another man’s schemes.
Another man gone, too soon and too fast,
And right before us, another life passed

And for what? What reason could there possibly be
That this young man’s life was taken before you and me?
And those left behind in tears and in pain
Can only remember, again and again,
Of a young spark, so courageous and wise
That was cut down too soon, right in front of our eyes.

Never forget, and try to forgive,
Is what they say to those who live.
But to those who can bear it, keep that flame alive
And shout it loudly to those who survive,

“Stop the killing, the shooting, the death and the tears,
Love life and love hope, don’t give in to your fears.
Stop the envy and hatred, make all the killing cease.”
Rest well, Slim Dunkin; he lives on in peace.

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