Airplane Ace – Flying High

Airplane Ace is tough. He’s polished but tough.

And Airplane Ace is slick. He’s super well-groomed, squeaky clean, but there is a simmering anger and drive beneath his outwardly GQ exterior.

I was fascinated by watching videos of his freestyle, tracks and documentary footage. Airplane Ace takes his well-dressed and confident demeanor, and combines them with the rhythms, lyrics and tracks to create a tough form of freestyle that gets your adrenaline racing and your heart pumping.

Starting with some of his walk-through videos, he SPEAKS in freestyle! He has a rhythm to his conversation and words that isn’t thought out, it just flows freely from his lips. Listen to him talk about everyday things and you will see what I mean. One of my favorite lines from his documentary of kind of “A Day in the Life Of” is “If you look like money, you make more of it…” and he definitely looks like money.

In his clips, he almost always starts with the sound of an airplane taking off. And taking off is exactly what he does in each video. His tracks begin with very primal, throbbing bases and then he jumps right into a syncopated and forceful rap that’s both tough and slick. “T.O.R.N.” has a very angry undertone but past the anger are some really amazing lyrical turns and twists.

In “Fly Life”, a great ode to freak divas, money, and more, his lyrics almost literally push themselves on you; you listen, and all of a sudden, you get it. And it’s unforgettable. While on the surface, “Fly Life” may seem like just another rap song about getting money and women, (“Money make the world go round/And money make the girl go down”) this song is sung from an angry point of view. It’s almost as if the singer wants to fight AGAINST what society is telling him he should want. Interesting.

All in all, Airplane Ace will intrigue you with his lyrics and style, and he will blow you away with his choice of words and tracks. Underneath the polished exterior, there is an angry, tough voice that is shouting out his truth for anyone who wants to listen closely enough to hear it.

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