DJ Da Truth Welcomes You to the Real

It doesn’t get more real than DJ Da Truth. This Indiana artist has compiled what I think is one of the most brutally honest and heartfelt collections of music I’ve ever heard.

Let’s start with Grind On. DJ Da Truth consistently uses powerful intros on his tracks that help create a definitive mood. Grind On starts with an almost choir-like electric chorus. It’s a story of the streets, and of friends and posers and hard times. The varying speeds of the line delivery really conveys the feeling of cruising down a street, then speeding up, then slowing down again…as the song says, “We gotta get out, grind on, shine on.”

In the track “I’m Focused”, he starts out, “I’m twisted, I’m faded, I’m loaded…I’m drivin’ too fast but it’s cool cause I’m focused…” This is a song of gritty reality, and speaks about a life spent watching out for enemies while trying to put family first and stay focused.

In “One Way Home” he sings about his grandmother. Yes, that’s right, his grandmother. From the lyrics, we learn she is very ill and near death. But she is ready to meet her Lord because, there’s only “One Way Home.” But this song isn’t just about his grandmother. It touches on the subjects of loyalty, in family members that just paid lip service to his grandmother’s condition and never came around to see how she was actually doing, of what happens after death, and how to deal with the loss of a loved one.

But the song that really got to me was “My Kids”. What moved me so much about this song are the lyrics. This isn’t a tale of woe by a Baby Daddy who’s mad at his ex and is trying to get revenge by talking bad about her; this is about the children, the youngest victims of a broken family.

This song is the story of a loving father who, for whatever reasons, can’t see his children as much as he wants. But he reassures them, “Daddy gonna always love you; you are my greatest gift.” The entire song is one of worry about how his children will turn out and trying to explain to them why he can’t be with them all the time. His anguish about the experiences of their lives he isn’t a part of (“What I gonna miss next?”) feel totally real and heartfelt.

Each track tells a story, and like his name, it’s a true story; that is, the lyrics are written in honesty to tell a particular tale. DJ Da Truth is brutally honest in his lyrics. This isn’t the boastful type of rap about all the swag, guns, beautiful women and money the artist has. This is music about heartbreak, love, betrayal, truth, pain, tears and finally, hope for a better future. The story DJ Da Truth tells in his music is sometimes painful to listen to in its intensity, but it’s honesty you can feel in your heart and soul.

This is DJ Da Truth’s special gift, to take a situation and spin a tale that feels real and brutal and painful and true.

DJ Da Truth chose his name wisely. This is indeed, the truth.

You can find DJ Da Truth here:







  • Featured on the cover of HYPE magazine
  • Worked with local artists such as Ant Hustle, Jay Harv, DJ Debet and Dj Riddler
  • Mixtape – “Welcome To the Real”
  • Now with the Independent Label “Animal Patrol ENT”
  • New projects – Working on his new EP Say Goodbye To The Fake coming early 2013 also working on the Animal Patrol compilation which will also be dropping next year so stay tuned!

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