Tweet Tips for Celebrities: #2 – Respond to Tweets

Yes, you’re very busy. You’re a celebrity. We know how important you are. And if you are a BIG celebrity, you may have thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter. You should still respond to tweets.

We, the little people, follow you because we like you. Or maybe we admire your work or your personality. We know that you are famous, and that you are probably jet-setting here and there, attending fabulous after-parties, or volunteering your time to help animals or small children.

We don’t expect you to become our best friend. We don’t expect you to follow us back (although it’s always awesome when you do). We don’t even expect you to reply to us, most of the time.

But as Tweet Tip #1 said, be yourself. You must engage in conversations with other people sometimes. So take that to twitter and respond as a person every once in a while to those who follow you.

You don’t have to respond to everyone’s tweets every time. Not all tweets to you or about you will be positive. But for the fans out there who are trying to tweet for your attention, responding every once in a while is not only good public relations, it really means a lot to your fans. Having a favorite celebrity respond back is thrilling for many fans, and it makes them love you even more.

So take the time to respond here and there to your Twitter army of admirers. Responding with just a “Thank you” or a smiley face can work to your advantage. It brings happiness to your fan and it shows the rest of the Twitterverse that you respond and care about what your fans say.

Who knows, maybe a fan you respond to will buy your new DVD or go see your movie. Or maybe you’ll just make their day a little happier.


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