Tweet Tips for Celebrities: #1 – Be yourself

ImageYou are a unique individual. You are not the role you play. We get this.

We, your faithful tweeps, are a tough and hardy bunch. We follow you to get a glimpse into your life. We want to know what you think and feel. By following you, we get to feel like we are a small part of the ‘magic,’ whatever kind of magic that may be.

Do we expect you to always stay in character? Of course not. We want to hear know what YOU find important and meaningful. It’s interesting. Tell us about new projects you are working on, or what issues are close to your heart. Tell us what you wore to the after-party. Tell us whatever you want.

We follow to learn more about you. The real you, that is. So be yourself, be honest, and tweet from your heart.

Next: #2- How Often Should You Tweet?

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