Rapper D’Aych: We are not Subhuman, Sheriff Clarke #BlackLivesMatter

11986439_977272802293239_5527716417051485562_nShf David ClarkeChristian rapper D’Aych has spoken out in response to recent comments by Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke’s comments that those involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement are “subhuman”. And D’Aych has spoken out strongly.

In his new track, “Subhuman“, D’Aych, a gospel rap M.C. from Milwaukee, felt it was his honor and his duty to respond to these remarks seeing that his platform is continuing to grow independently. This track is not an anti-police or anti-Clarke song, it is a wake up call African-Americans to stand up for their rights, remember their true identity and use their platforms & influence for something greatest than themselves.

Contact D’Aych on Instagram to find out how you can get a free copy of the entire ” Movement Music Mixtape. ”

Listen to D’Aych’s track “Subhuman” on Soundcloud.


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