@RedBilla’s Hunnid Proof Mixtape Delivers 100%

Photo_42_400x400I have much love for the rap dynamo called Red Billa. He’s old school, new school and everything in between.

Dopeness to the extreme, Red Billa nails the bigtime with his mixtape Hunnid Proof which combines his clever wordplay with his own personal style of rap. Block Money is my favorite on this tape. It’s full of Red’s lightening fast word artistry. See It In My Eyes is another great Red Billa hit, full of bravado and swagger. Stay Grindin is another great track, “Stay Grindin/Stay Shinin”. “Can’t Help Ya” is a perfect putdown to those who weren’t supportive, and “Razor Blade” slices to the quick with wit and musical ability.

But in addition to Hunnid Proof, you need to check out Red on some of his videos, specifically Still Breathin. It’s a homage to the struggles he’s been through, how he’s still here and how he’s ready for whatever is in store for him. It’s got a great old school rap vibe. He has a great list of videos on YouTube. “Perfect Timing” is another favorite of mine. Red also shares his insights and news in his vlog series.

Red Billa is the real thing. He can hit as hard as any young rapper today but he can introduce old school smooth flow into his videos with ease. Check out “Don’t Go” to see what I’m talking about.

I’ve owed him a review for a long time, and I’m just sorry I didn’t get the news out about Red Billa sooner. He’s a truly oringinal, innovative rap artist who BkRDduiCEAACTV_brings his life experiences to his music. Listen to what he teaches, because we can all learn something frmo Red Billa.


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