HORRIFIC PHOTOS: “Animal Murder for Sport” Maroi Conservancy in hot water again

The folks at the Maroi Conservancy are in hot water AGAIN. You may remember them as the hunting spot where whackjob Melissa Bachman posed with her kill, a male African lion which is on the endangered list and NOT part of the animals you can murder at Maroi, supposedly.

Now, in response to a Facebook post, Maroi has proved that once again, they are clueless and insensitive. When a Facebook user posted “BOYCOTT THESE MURDERES!” on the Maroi Facebook page, Maroi replied:

In case you are one of the few people that don’t know about them, here are some facts about the Maroi:

  • You can cull hunt or trophy hunt for a variety of expensively priced packages
  • Their Murder for Sport list includes zebras and giraffes (and apparently lions even though they are not listed in the murder package)
  • Children are allowed to hunt on ‘Murder for Sport’ packages
  • You can get a commemorative photo taken with your murdered animal



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