Southern Kool & Charity with @Simpset

Southern Kool & Charity with @Simpset

It’s not often  you come across talented rap artists who can not only lay down a track, write the lyrics, sing them AND has a heart for those less fortunate.

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Talented Georgia rapper Mista Kool donates 50% of all money he receives from his music to Oxfam.  Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.

Kool can throw down hard though, don’t be fooled by his desire to help those in poverty. He has the kind of tough guy rap that you only find in the true South, the dirty South. Mista Kool has a truly smooth Southern style backed by professional tracks. There’s a quiet yet forceful tone to all his songs and my favorite is “Atlanta.” What I like the most about Kool’s music is that his music has a very hypnotic quality which allows you to get caught up in the music then get punched with his hardcore, heartfelt lyrics. He is rapping from the heart, baring his soul, and letting all of us in.

main2Check out what Mista has to offer; you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll feel the pain and heartache in each track.

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Offical Bio:
Mista Kool, a.k.a. Keyo G a.k.a. Keyo Usher of Atlanta Georgia is an artist under the InnerCircle Ent. brand. Locally he’s been involved in muzik for roughly 13 years, writing, producing, and composing beats. Bred off of hip-hop and southerns “crunk” style of music Keyo has grown to become a versatile artist whose creations could be listened to by any member of the general public. Keyo G has been showcased throughout metro Atlanta and most of Georgia, and has the hopes of one day working with a major label. Highly commited to his work and humble in his accomplishments Keyo looks to succeed where others have failed with sheer persistence. Skills range from mixing and producing to writing and composing. Currently working on his latest mixtape “Simpset Effect” Keyo hopes to reach everyone that will listen.


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