Waka Flocka & Me: How a 53-Year-Old Woman went Viral with Rapper Waka Flocka Flame


In June 2013 I went viral about rapper Waka Flocka Flame. My blog post, “How a Waka Flocka Concert Ended My Marriage & Saved My Life,” went viral within one day of my posting it.

It was terrifying. I had no idea it would receive so many retweets, shares, likes, hates and lol’s. I started reading the comments by trolls and was immediately mortified. (But I read all the positive comments, and I appreciate them!) I still get comments and emails from it.

A post written from the heart, about how the ex’s nastiness about me attending a Waka concert was the death blow to our marriage, was suddenly all over the internet. Waka himself retweeted it and then Bow Wow was asking Waka about me on 106 & Park.


Waka also put the article from The Source on his InstaGram account:


Waka himself tweeted this after my blog went viral:


I met some great people because of it, and many thanks to Waka for NOT humiliating me, but being supportive about it.

Below is a compilation of some of my viralness. Warning: Seems a 53-year-old white woman who likes Waka is an easy target for some people. Proceed with caution!


Various other online versions of my story



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