EXCLUSIVE: Chicago Rap King CEO Opens Up With Real Talk


I am again honored to have the opportunity to interview one of rap’s rising young artists, CEO. This Chicago native is climbing the charts and spreading his sound all over the airwaves and social media. He graciously took some time to share a little of what’s going on with him and his music.


Tell us what’s happening with your mixtape “WallStreet Drama.”
As of now the Mixtape is finished & ready to be released later next month!!

How did you come to name this new mixtape “WallStreet Drama”?

I wanted to keep things affiliated with my name because I feel as though I’m strictly about business but at the same time can handle a tough situation.

You’re currently #15 on the ReverbNation charts…that’s a real honor! How did you feel when you found that out?

Thanks. Yes it is a great honor. I felt like my hard work is not being overlooked!

You have over 16,000 likes on Facebook. That’s pretty amazing! How do you think you got so many likes?

I have so many likes all because I Network — Network — Network!


If you had to choose Facebook or Twitter, which one would you choose and why?
I would say Facebook simply because of the wide audience that it has & so many different things you can do.


378868_261629390568290_645153739_nWho would be your ideal partners on a mixtape? Who would you like to work with the most?
I would love to work with Chris Brown, Drake, Future. On the production I would say Young Chop & Mike Will.


Your new Single “Fresher Than You” is awesome. You worked with super producer J Staffz on it, what was it like working with him?
Thanks, I’m glad you like the record! It was a pleasure working with him. I really appreciate that he’s promoting the record & standing behind it.

What advice can you give to young artists coming up through the ranks? What should they be doing to succeed?
GRIND!!! A hustle without grind will not succeed!!!!


Thanks, CEO! We wish you continued and ongoing success! Check out CEO online at:

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