Waka Flocka’s “Activist” Video (feat. Ben G) – Hard in the Glo Paint

wakaact1Looking like the “Predator” movie alien on acid, Waka Flocka Flame debuts a new video that takes Squad fans back to his roots. “Activist” is Waka at his best: punk, proud and painted.

Activist” is nothing if not an ode to excesses. With lyrics that consist of “Smoke!,” “Drink!,” and “I’m f***ed up!,””Activist” is quintessential Waka. This party track has the beat, the hook and the attitude, which is why Waka is the best at what he does. He’s unashamedly a partying, rapping monster, and young accompanist Ben G holds his own with the King of Punk Rap.

Check it out:


Waka on Social Media:

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