Rap Royal O-King Scores Mega-Hit with New Video “Talkin Bout”

oking1bRap royal O-King, endorsed by Snoop Dogg and featuring Lil Wayne on one of his tracks, has just launched an amazing new video that cements his spot as the reigning King of Young Rap.

With movie star looks the camera loves, O-King’s newest, just-released single, “Talkin Bout” (released online via his Twitter account) showcases why O-King reigns supreme. His relationship to the camera, his choice of team support (produced by Kalani and directed by B-Luce) create an intimate portrait of O-King that shows off his rap talents.

Talkin Bout” is a well-crafted track about his extremely complicated love life, featuring catchy hooks and dope beats. The video features O-King interacting with his public and fans, including a large group of extremely energetic kids that are having the time of their lives being in a hit video.

Check out “Talkin Bout” today- All Hail O-King!


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