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Rapper Sebastian Vègo: Accent On Talent

Every once in a while, a rap artist comes along with a golden voice. Not just a golden singing voice, but a golden voice for music in general. Sebastian Vègo, … Continue reading

January 8, 2016

Rapper XRated – For Adults Only

Panama City, Florida, is home to a young, up-and-coming rap star named XRated. XRated has been writing music for nine years, and so far has five mixtapes out on Dat … Continue reading

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King Brice – Rap Music Royalty

Every once in a while, I find an artist who is doing it all right; lyrics, music, attitude. And no one is doing it better than King Brice. This MC/Producer/Composer/Performer’s … Continue reading

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Rapper D’Aych: We are not Subhuman, Sheriff Clarke #BlackLivesMatter

Christian rapper D’Aych has spoken out in response to recent comments by Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke’s comments that those involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement are “subhuman”. And D’Aych has spoken … Continue reading

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Actor Gary Wales: Talent Meets Social Media

Ask someone to think of a famous Scottish actor, and chances are they’ll pick Sean Connery or Gerard Butler. But that’s all about to change. Actor/Director Gary Wales is a … Continue reading

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Compton Rapper Teriq – Rap, Blood & Bullets

You may have recently heard about rapper Teriq Royal. He’s the Compton rap artist who, after getting wounded last week in the crossfire of a drive-by, immediately posted a selfie … Continue reading

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Actor Teresa R. Parker: Breaking Hollywood’s Age Barrier

Youth is the currency of choice in Hollywood. While the movie industry typically focuses their love and approval on the young, there are actors who are taking on the challenge … Continue reading

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Young Cashflow Teaches Old Rap New Tricks

Young Cashflow may only be in his early thirties, but his voice, style, tone and delivery is reminiscent of old school rap gods. This Indiana artist’s voice conveys rap origins … Continue reading

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Tom Savage “Camera” Debut Release – Oct. 2, 2015

Meet Tom Savage, Heir to Rap Royalty Tom Savage is a vastly talented, gritty young artist whose debut release comes out Oct. 2 on Recondition Records. Tom is not only … Continue reading

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