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DNA Found My Birth Mother – Trump Made Me Regret It’s DNA test helped me identify my birth mother, and Donald Trump (and Facebook) made me regret it. After sending in my DNA sample, matched me up with DNA … Continue reading

November 7, 2016

‘WeAllWeGot’ Gives Their All

WeAllWeGot is a Washington D.C. management and promotions company that is entering into and influencing the music industry in a profound, meaningful way. WeAllWeGot is based out of D.C. but … Continue reading

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Opinion: Donald Trump Must Go

Don’t Mess with American Heroes Recently Donald Trump tried to insult the Muslim parents of an American hero, Capt. Humayun Khan. Trump said, in response to Khan’s father’s comments at … Continue reading

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Vini V – Music Artist & Noble Philosopher

I’ve NEVER done a review based on one track only. But after hearing Vini Vicomte’s track, “Ginning,” it was full of enough talent and innovation for me to throw out … Continue reading

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The Gift of Kale Noel – Rap Poetry

There’s a new voice in the rap world, and it’s pretty amazing. Kale Noel is an expert lyricist and poet rapper, and his message is powerful and strong. His latest … Continue reading

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Open Your Heart to Help Brennon Continue with the Physical Therapy He Needs

Dear readers, A very good friend of mine has a son, Brennon, with very special needs. She and her husband have set up a GoFundMe page to help Brennon continue … Continue reading

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When you think of Niagara Falls, you probably don’t think “rap music.” But that’s all about to change. Young Croc is a rapper from Niagara Falls who is tearing up … Continue reading

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Plenty of Old Fish: Online Dating in Your 50s, Part 1

What’s worse than the thought of two people in their 50s having sex? Joining a dating site of guys in their 50s wanting to have sex. Why am I on … Continue reading

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5 Worst Twitter Fails for Young Rap Artists

Twitter is a real necessity for all you young, upcoming rap artists. There is no better way for you to get in touch with industry professionals who can help you, … Continue reading

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