Rising Star Todd Carusso Brings Smooth Soul to Hip Hop

Austin, Texas native Todd Carusso is a brand new voice in the world of hip hop, and he’s destined for great things. He has an almost hypnotic combination of smoooooth background tracks, machine-gun-fast… Continue reading

Music Just Changed Forever, Thanks to Michael Stork

Buy The Crux now on Bandcamp. Every once in a generation, a new musical sound is discovered that will change the game forever. Michael Stork’s The Crux is that new musical sound. A… Continue reading

@Boogotti_Ice – Street-Smart Diva

The tough but lovely Brooklyn-born Monique (better known as Ice Jahidi or as BooGotti Ice) has many things going for her. She’s lyrically talented, blending together the tough patter of a hardcore female… Continue reading

.@MikeMelinoe’s “Greed To Conquor” – Simple Eloquence

There’s a new tribe on the airwaves. Organic Geniuses, comprised of seven rap artists, is taking the rap world by storm, and Mike Melinoe is part of the music tornado. “Greed To Conquor”… Continue reading

.@RihooRecords Hits Big with New Album

Dallas has a hidden gem in its midst: producer, engineer and rapper Charlie Rihoo, or “C-Ri” to his friends. Rihoo has a first-time premiere album up for download and it’s masterful in every… Continue reading

@13isGodsend’s “Remember Me” is Unforgettable

Every now and then a rap track comes along that really hits me in the gut. 13‘s “Remember Me” is one of those heart-wrenching, moving tracks that makes you sit up and take… Continue reading

5 Tips for Women on Handling Online Trolls

Trolls are people who live for making others miserable. No matter what the subject, there will always be a few trolls waiting to chime in and stir up trouble. Often, this involves being… Continue reading

@RedBilla’s Hunnid Proof Mixtape Delivers 100%

I have much love for the rap dynamo called Red Billa. He’s old school, new school and everything in between. Dopeness to the extreme, Red Billa nails the bigtime with his mixtape Hunnid… Continue reading

#FAIL: Sink Yourself on Twitter with Dumb Hashtags

People just LOVE to watch other people (and companies) get humiliated on Twitter. The number one vehicle for ensuring a humilating Twitter experience? A really stupid hashtag. Hashtags are are way for Twitter… Continue reading