.@RihooRecords Hits Big with New Album

Dallas has a hidden gem in its midst: producer, engineer and rapper Charlie Rihoo, or “C-Ri” to his friends. Rihoo has a first-time premiere album up for download and it’s masterful in every… Continue reading

@13isGodsend’s “Remember Me” is Unforgettable

Every now and then a rap track comes along that really hits me in the gut. 13‘s “Remember Me” is one of those heart-wrenching, moving tracks that makes you sit up and take… Continue reading

5 Tips for Women on Handling Online Trolls

Trolls are people who live for making others miserable. No matter what the subject, there will always be a few trolls waiting to chime in and stir up trouble. Often, this involves being… Continue reading

@RedBilla’s Hunnid Proof Mixtape Delivers 100%

I have much love for the rap dynamo called Red Billa. He’s old school, new school and everything in between. Dopeness to the extreme, Red Billa nails the bigtime with his mixtape Hunnid… Continue reading

#FAIL: Sink Yourself on Twitter with Dumb Hashtags

People just LOVE to watch other people (and companies) get humiliated on Twitter. The number one vehicle for ensuring a humilating Twitter experience? A really stupid hashtag. Hashtags are are way for Twitter… Continue reading

5 Ways for Rappers To Get Noticed on Twitter

I often get asked by aspiring rap and hip hop artists, “How do I get noticed on Twitter?” Twitter is a vast landscape of tweets, photos, links and information. New artists have a… Continue reading

KADARA: @GoffryFilms Changing the Face of Nigerian Entertainment

NEW GOFFRYFILMS MOVIE “KADARA” AVAILABLE SOON! (And a Happy Birthday to GoffryFilms President Tunde Gafar!) Nigeria is on the rise in the entertainment industry. Numerous Nigerian actors, musicians, singers and comedians are taking… Continue reading

@mST0RK – Rap Cavalier

Rarely am I speechless about any artist. But just imagine that performance artist Laurie Anderson and musician/visual artist Brian Eno had a son, with an Aladdin Sane-era David Bowie as godfather, and you’ve… Continue reading

HORRIFIC PHOTOS: “Animal Murder for Sport” Maroi Conservancy in hot water again

The folks at the Maroi Conservancy are in hot water AGAIN. You may remember them as the hunting spot where whackjob Melissa Bachman posed with her kill, a male African lion which is… Continue reading